Words can't express how much gratitude I feel towards you. (but I will try!) I have grown immensely, not only in my confidence as an EMDR Therapist, but as a human since we started consultation together. You have encouraged me, challenged me, motivated me, and understood me. You have seen my strengths when I didn't, and it made me more confident where I needed to be. My work is 100 times more fulfilling now vs. when I came to you, and that's because of the growth I have had from our time together. You feel like more than a mentor, you feel like a friend. Thank you so much. I look forward to more learning and growing with you when we  begin BT consultation!”


Kathryn Dietzway, MSW, LCSW-BACS

“I love Carol as a trainer! She is an amazing presenter with a high level of experience and expertise. I love her authenticity and her ability to connect with and engage her participants in the material. I love her warmth and her beautiful, heart-based energy. Her passion for EMDR was evident from the beginning. She was a wonderful choice as our presenter and I’m so grateful to have been placed with her in this course.”

“I really got a lot out of her self revealing and her wonderful handouts. She stuck to her handouts as she presented. She added some info, but I could follow and write in whatever extra she said that I wanted. She presented beautifully. She appeared confident, exceptionally competent and thorough. She also demonstrated how much she believes and enjoys her work with EMDR. If I were younger in this profession, I would do her training. She is a great salesperson for EMDR. And her presentation shows how hard she works for her clients and her trainees.”

 (A “Trauma is Stressful” Training Attendee)

“I cannot thank you enough for the training that you have provided and the phenomenal changes that I have witnessed in one of my clients ever since we started doing EMDR. I had this client for about 8 months or so and she was repeatedly stuck on a particular childhood memory. She was unable to move past and hold on to it for quite some time. She looked at the negative, positive cognition sheet and really did feel a gut wrenching response. She immediately picked the one which resonated with her. Aside from EMDR , I am not sure how we could have processed her particular condition any other way. She feels cleared and surprised that she is able to let go.”

“Carol Miles is a skillful, knowledgeable, and highly experienced clinician, and EMDR Trainer.  She stays up to date on all the latest research, and she extremely involved in the EMDRIA community.  She is a thoughtful trainer who is professional, engaging, and forthcoming with all the skills and knowledge she has acquired through her years of experience. Carol also maintains a highly successful private practice, so she is in the trenches with her students and peers!  I highly recommend her training to anyone who is not only looking to become an excellent EMDR clinician, but who also wants to know the research backing the incredible work they are doing with their clients.  Immediately upon working with Carol, I realized she is truly an expert in all things related to EMDR therapy!”

Laura Sullivan,  MA, LPC-S

“I love seeing the changes that take place in their overall mental health. One of my clients particularly was so hyper focuses on the traumatic death of her son that she ended up addicted to zanax, spent 3 years in jail because of the addiction and lost all ability to feel pleasure with anything in her life. She’s doing well now and is amazed at how much EMDR helped her with the grief. It’s a great feeling to be a part of that process.”
"I wanted to share the success! I am seeing tremendous improvement in my clients who have committed to the EMDR process. The more I practice, the more comfortable I’m feeling in it too. I am amazed at how quickly folks begin to notice the differences. It’s exciting to see the changes in such a short period! Thank you for the guidance and training!"

Julie A. Lopez, PhD

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