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As an experienced licensed clinical social worker, I see therapy as a shared journey. My role is to guide and support you in overcoming challenges, helping you develop emotional strength, and explore your core issues for a more fulfilling life. I customize treatment plans with honesty and compassion. Together, through EMDR intensive therapy, we work towards your well-being.


I am licensed in Louisiana and currently accepting new clients with in-person sessions in Louisiana or online via HIPPA-compliant video conferencing for clients in Louisiana and only in an intensive EMDR setting.

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About My Approach

As a certified EMDR Therapist, I use the Adaptive Information Processing  (AIP) Model to inform treatment choices.  The AIP model proposes that trauma gets stored and stuck in our brains and becomes the basis for our perceptions, symptoms, and behavior. I see therapy as a way to create new perceptions and adaptive associations that will aid in healing. I help a diverse range of clients unlock their full potential and successfully move toward recovery. In our initial meeting, we'll address your concerns and assess our compatibility as client and therapist.

About Intensive Therapy

I use an innovative EMDR approach that reimagines weekly therapy, drawing from my decades of experience and research-backed methods. EMDR Intensives offer personalized treatment plans designed to support your preferred schedule and timeline for faster healing.

Specializations Include:

  • Trauma Treatment

  • Eating Disorders

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Relationship Problems

  • Grief and Loss

  • Work and Career issues

  • Stress Management

  • Parenting and Family Issues


Skills Therapy
Can Provide:

  • Emotional management, including, but not limited to anger, jealousy, grief, and depression.

  • Coping mechanisms to allow you to work through situations which typically cause you anxiety, fear, or avoidance.

  • Stress-management techniques to handle everyday stressors such as with your job and relationships.

  • Skills and techniques to help you better navigate relationships or to work through relationship troubles.

  • Problem solving skills for you to enact when you encounter issues that you previously avoided such as social situations or public speaking.

  • Improving self-love, self-confidence, and body image.

  • Improving communication, listening skills, and the ability to speak up for yourself.

  • Understanding your own skills, strengths, and positive attributes and learning how to quiet your inner negative critic.

  • Resolving panic attacks or phobias.

  • Finding a resolution to the issue(s) that originally led you to therapy.

  • EMDR is not just for trauma; it is also used for performance enhancement to excel in areas such as athletics, business, and relationships.

IS EMDR INtensive therapy right for you?

Have you sensed that something profound has yet to change, but you’re not sure how to shift into a new experience of yourself with your current therapist?

Maybe you now understand new things intellectually, yet the changes you hoped for still seem out of reach, and you are curious about how EMDR therapy can help.

Have you been meaning to get into weekly therapy for a while now, but your schedule has been so hectic and demanding that a weekly appointment feels more overwhelming than supportive?

Are you needing help — and a lot of it — right now, but you don’t want to spend months in the traditional weekly model of therapy treatment to feel better?

If any of these statements ring true, EMDR intensive therapy can help!


Want more information before deciding? Click to link below for a great article on intensives. 

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What's Included?

Free consultation interview prior to intensive (30 minutes), designed to answer questions you might have about this work. Sessions can be scheduled after this meeting.

Personalized treatment workbook and other forms help me get to know you better and allow you to work on treatment goals before, during, and after our EMDR intensive sessions.

Pre-Intensive meeting (90 minutes) reviews the pre-intensive part of the workbook and other forms, develops treatment goals, and establishes resources for the intensive work. This can be done virtually or in person.

Intensive session(s) using a customized treatment program with targeted treatment goals, EMDR intensive sessions can be done virtually or in person, for 3 or 6 hours.

Post-treatment meeting (90 minutes) to assess and support your adaption to positive changes from treatment with me can be done virtually or in person.

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